Finale PDK Framework  0.54
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 C__FCBaseBase class for the Finale Framework classes
 C__FCBaseDataBase class for all data-related classes (that handles Finale data)
 C__FCBaseStreamAbstract base class for streams
 C__FCBrowserBaseBase class for all browser classes. A browser is a bit like collection, but it doesn't store any data - it just browses throgh the database
 C__FCBrowserBaseDataBase class for all browser classes of data elements
 C__FCBrowserNoInciOtherA browser class for "other" elements with no incis
 C__FCBrowserRegionBaseBase class for data that's by nature accessed by music regions
 C__FCCellDetailBase class for data that attach to cells. A call to the ConnectCell method is required prior to loading/saving data
 C__FCCollectionBase class for all collection classes. A collection is a storage that can store multiple objects of similar types
 C__FCCollectionCellDetailBase class specially designed for collections of detail classes connected to cell data
 C__FCCollectionDataBase class for all collections based on decendants from __FCBaseData
 C__FCCollectionDetailBase class specially designed for collections of detail classes
 C__FCCollectionEntryDetailBase class specially designed for collections of entry detail classes
 C__FCCollectionGlobalBase class for "Global" data
 C__FCCollectionInciOtherBase class for "other" data with incis of the __FCInciOther class (where it's common to collect all incis from the same CMPER.)
 C__FCCollectionNoInciCellDetailBase class specially designed for collections of detail classes (where inci always is 0) connected to cell data
 C__FCCollectionNoInciDetailBase class specially designed for collections of detail classes that doesn't use the inci
 C__FCCollectionNoInciOtherBase class for "other" data without incis (inci always 0.)
 C__FCCollectionPrefsBase class specially designed for collections of prefs classes
 C__FCCollectionTinyXMLBase class for all collections that are streamable to XML
 C__FCCompositeTimeSigBottomElementAn internal inci holder for composite time signature bottom elements
 C__FCCompositeTimeSigTopElementAn internal inci holder for composite time signature top elements
 C__FCDetailBase class for all classes that access Finale's detail records
 C__FCEntryDetailBase class that provides the basic functionality for entry detail data (such as Special Tools modifications)
 C__FCEntryDetailNoteIDBase class that provide entry details that are based on noteIDs, such as notehead modifications, augmentation dot modifications etc
 C__FCFileDialogBaseBase class that contains the basic functionality for the operating system's modal dialog boxes for selecting files
 C__FCGlobalsBase class for all data that use the global part of the EDataID
 C__FCInciAn inci subrecord class for multi-inci data
 C__FCInciOtherBase class for "other" (ot_*) data with incis
 C__FCIteratorBaseThe base class for both browser and collection classes
 C__FCLyricsBaseThe base class for all lyrics text classes
 C__FCNoInciCellDetailBase class for details data where inci always is 0
 C__FCNoInciDetailAbstract data class that contains a detail record without using the inci
 C__FCNoInciOtherBase class for the "Other" (ot_*) Enigma structures that don't use the inci parameter
 C__FCNoteEntryCollectionAbstract class that encapsulate collections of note entries (of the FCNoteEntry class). The note entries doesn't need to belong to the same TGF frame
 C__FCOtherBase class for all "Other" (ot_*) Enigma structures
 C__FCOtherTextThe base class for text classes that loads from 'other' (not as regular raw text)
 C__FCPrefsBaseBase class for all preference data classes
 C__FCStaffBaseThe base class for FCStaff (and its subclass FCCurrentStaffSpec), as well FCStaffStyleDef
 C__FCUndoBlockHandlerThe base class for the block handler. Intented for inheritance for use with the FCUndoBlock utility class
 C__FCUserWindowBase class for all other dialog/window classes
 CFCAccidentalModClass for acciental modifications (as in Finale's Special Tools)
 CFCAccidentalModsCollection class for FCAccidentalMod class objects
 CFCAllotmentClass for allotment data (in the Document Options)
 CFCAllotmentsCollection class for FCAllotment class objects
 CFCArticulationClass for attaching an articulation definition to an entry
 CFCArticulationDefThe class for an articulation definition. On Finale 2012 and above, this class supports the Unicode character range
 CFCArticulationDefsCollection class for FCArticulationDef class objects
 CFCArticulationsCollection class for FCArticulation class objects
 CFCBackwardRepeatThe class for a backward repeat definition
 CFCBaselineEncapsulates baselines offset values for lyrics, expressions, fretboards and chords
 CFCBaselinesCollection class for FCBaseline class objects
 CFCBeamModClass for custom beam adjustments (in Finale's Special Tools)
 CFCBeatChartElementThe class for one single beat chart element
 CFCBeatChartElementsCollection class for FCBeatChartElement class objects (which is a beat chart for a measure)
 CFCBrokenBeamModClass for manually broken beam adjustments (in Finale's Special Tools)
 CFCBrokenBeamModsGeneric collection class for FCBrokenBeamMod class objects
 CFCBrowserArticulationDefsBrowser class for FCArticulationDef class objects
 CFCBrowserChordsBrowser class for chords (of the FCChord class)
 CFCBrowserExpressionsBrowser class for expressions (of the FCExpression class)
 CFCBrowserMeasuresBrowser class for FCMeasure class objects
 CFCBrowserMidiExpressionsBrowser class for continous MIDI data (of the FCMidiExpression class)
 CFCBrowserNoteEntriesBrowser class for note entries
 CFCBrowserPagesBrowser class for FCPage class objects
 CFCBrowserStaffSystemsBrowser class for FCStaffSystem class objects
 CFCBrowserStavesBrowser class for FCStaff class objects
 CFCBrowserTupletsBrowser class for continous MIDI data (of the FCMidiExpression class)
 CFCCategoryDefClass for a category definition
 CFCCategoryDefsCollection class for FCCategoryDef class objects
 CFCCellThe class that reference a cell (one measure on one staff) in the musical "grid"
 CFCCellClefChangeContains a clef change inside a cell. This is an item member in a FCCellClefChanges collection (created by the FCCellFrameHold::CreateCellClefChanges() method)
 CFCCellClefChangesCollection class for FCCellClefChange class objects, containing all mid-clef changes in a cell
 CFCCellFrameHoldClass that holds the TGF frames and the clef changes of a TGF frame
 CFCCellFrameHoldsCollection class for FCCellFrameHold class objects
 CFCCellGraphicClass for measure/cell-attached graphic objects
 CFCCellGraphicsCollection class for FCCellGraphic class objects
 CFCCellMetricsClass that encapsulate the measure metrics info data
 CFCCellPosThis class is similar to FCCell, but also includes a position within the measure. It represents a "music position"
 CFCCellsA collection of FCCell members
 CFCCellTextClass for measure-attached (cell-attached) text blocks. The ConnectCell method must be called prior to load/save
 CFCCellTextsCollection class for FCCellText class objects
 CFCCenterSmartShapeClass that contains data that appears in the middle of a long smart shape. This class is normally linked through the FCSmartShape class
 CFCChordClass for chord assignments to a measure/staff
 CFCChordPrefsClass for document-specific chord settings. Some additional chord-related settings are available in FCMiscDocPrefs
 CFCChordsCollection class for FCChord class objects
 CFCChordSuffixElementClass that stores one record of a chord suffix definition
 CFCChordSuffixElementsCollection class for FCChordSuffixElement class objects, usually created with FCChord:CreateChordSuffixElements()
 CFCChorusLyricsTextThe class for chorus lyrics texts
 CFCChorusSyllableThe class for a chorus syllable
 CFCChorusSyllablesCollection class for FCChorusSyllable class objects
 CFCClefDefData class for the global clef definitions
 CFCClefDefsCollection class for FCClefDef class objects
 CFCCompositeTimeSigBottomA collection of __FCCompositeTimeSigBottomElement records
 CFCCompositeTimeSigTopA collection of __FCCompositeTimeSigTopElement records
 CFCCrossStaffModClass that specifies the cross-staff connection for a note
 CFCCrossStaffModsCollection class for FCCrossStaffMod class objects
 CFCCtrlButtonControl class for push buttons. It inherits the FCCtrlCheckbox class, so the checked state can be set even for push buttons (if the push button style supports it)
 CFCCtrlCheckboxControl class for a checkbox control
 CFCCtrlComboBoxUI class that handles a combo box, which is a combination of a edit field and a popup list
 CFCCtrlDataListClass that handles a contol with multiple lines of data, arranged in columns
 CFCCtrlEditClass that handles edit controls
 CFCCtrlLineUI class representing a graphical line
 CFCCtrlListBoxA list box control
 CFCCtrlPopupUI class that handles a popup (on the Mac) and a combo list (on Windows)
 CFCCtrlRadioButtonA UI class that handles one single radio button
 CFCCtrlRadioButtonGroupClass for radio button groups
 CFCCtrlSliderControl class for sliders
 CFCCtrlStaticUI class that handles a control with static text
 CFCCtrlSwitcherA control to switch between multiple pages
 CFCCtrlTreeA tree UI control
 CFCCtrlUpDownA UI class that handles an Up/Down control. The control has 2 arrows, one pointing up and one down
 CFCCurrentStaffSpecThe class for a "current staff state" (the sum of staff changes and staff style changes) at a specific position in the score, for diagnostic purposes. The class cannot save data
 CFCCustomLuaWindowSpecial FCCustomWindow child class, that provides the additional functionality to hook up JW Lua callback functions as dialog handlers (that can be called during the run of the dialog)
 CFCCustomSmartLineDefThe class for a custom smart shape lines
 CFCCustomSmartLineDefsCollection class for FCCustomSmartLineDef class objects
 CFCCustomStemModClass for custom stem shapes (in Finale's Special Tools). The data is connected to either an upstem or downstem note
 CFCCustomStemModsGeneric collection class for FCCustomStemMods class objects
 CFCCustomWindowA class that supports programmatically created controls (that are not defined in resource files)
 CFCDataListRowA class that represents one row of data in a FCCtrlDataList UI control
 CFCDistancePrefsClass for preferences values that controls distances (between objects, etc)
 CFCDocumentClass for an opened Finale document. An opened Finale document has a 1-based ID and can be displayed in multiple document windows
 CFCDocumentsClass for a collection of documents. Usually used to get all the currently loaded documents in Finale
 CFCDotModClass with adjustments to the augmentation dots (in Finale's Special Tools)
 CFCDotModsCollection class for FCDotMod class objects
 CFCEnclosureClass to encapsulate enclosures (available for example in expressions and measure numbers.)
 CFCEndingRepeatThe class for a start of repeat bracket in the document. There can only be one ending repeat in each measure
 CFCEndingRepeatTextText in repeat endings
 CFCEndTieModsCollection class for FCTieMod class objects for end tie alterations
 CFCEntryAlterModClass for (what it seems) the sole purpose of note entry resize
 CFCEntryMetricsClass that encapsulate the entry metrics data
 CFCExecutableShapeDefThe class for an executable shape definition
 CFCExecutableShapeDefsCollection class for FCExecutableShapeDef class objects
 CFCExpressionClass for expression assignments to a measure/staff
 CFCExpressionsCollection class for FCExpression class objects
 CFCFileInfoTextThe class for file information text fields
 CFCFileOpenDialogClass to display the operating system's "Open File" modal dialog box
 CFCFileSaveAsDialogClass to display the operating system's "Save File As" modal dialog box
 CFCFileStreamGeneric file stream class
 CFCFolderBrowseDialogClass to display the operating system's modal folder browser dialog box
 CFCFontDialogClass to display the font selection dialog box to the user
 CFCFontInfoClass for document-independent font information
 CFCFontPrefsFont preferences data in the Document Options
 CFCFreezeSystemClass for freezing a system at a specific measure
 CFCFreezeSystemsCollection class for FCFreezeSystem class objects. LoadAll doesn't work for this class
 CFCFretboardGroupDefClass that stores one record of a fretboard chord definition
 CFCFretboardGroupDefsCollection class for FCFretboardGroupDef class objects
 CFCFretboardStyleDefThe class for a fretboard style definition, which reflects the content the "Fretboard Style" dialog box in Finale
 CFCFretboardStyleDefsCollection class for FCFretboardStyleDef class objects
 CFCFretInstrumentDefClass for tablature instruments definitions
 CFCFretInstrumentDefsCollection class for FCFretInstrumentDef class objects
 CFCGeneralPrefsThe "Program Options" (program-wide options that is not stored in the document)
 CFCGridsGuidesPrefsClass for document preferences related to guides and grids
 CFCGroupEncapsulates a staff group
 CFCGroupNamePositionPrefsDefault positioning for full and abbreviated group names
 CFCGroupsCollection class for FCGroup class objects
 CFCGuideThe class for a guide in the document
 CFCGuidesClass that contains the guides for a document. This class is handled through the FCGridsGuidesPrefs class
 CFCHumanPlaybackPrefsClass for Human Playback preferences
 CFCIndependentCellDetailClass that contains independent key/time signatures for a cell
 CFCInstrumentDefThe class for an instrument definition item (in the instrument list/Score Manager)
 CFCInstrumentDefsCollection class for FCInstrumentDef class objects
 CFCInstrumentDefTextText used for an instrument definition. Please refer to the FCInstrumentDef class
 CFCInstrumentPlaybackDataThe class for instrument playback data. This is also the link between staves/staff styles and the FCInstrumentDef definition
 CFCIteratorHandlerClass for iterator handlers
 CFCKeySignatureClass for key signatures. Instances of this class is auto-created by FCMeasure:GetKeySignature and FCCell:GetKeySignature when needed
 CFCLayerPlaybackDataHelper class for FCInstrumentPlaybackData, providing the playback data for the Chord Layer, the MIDI Expression Layer, and the note layers
 CFCLayerPrefsLayer preferences for one specific layer
 CFCLuaIteratorClass for Lua callback iterators. This class is not part of the C++ PDK Framework
 CFCLyricsPrefsContains the lyrics preferences data
 CFCMeasureThe class for a measure (the full vertical measure stack) in the document. It maps the Measure Attributes dialog settings, the internal measure optimization flag settings and more
 CFCMeasureNumberRegionThe class for a measure number region
 CFCMeasureNumberRegionsCollection class for FCMeasureNumberRegion class objects
 CFCMeasuresCollection class for FCMeasure class objects
 CFCMetatoolAssignmentClass for a metatool key assignment
 CFCMetatoolAssignmentsCollection class for FCMetatoolAssignment class objects
 CFCMidiExpressionEncapsulates the continous MIDI data in a cell
 CFCMidiExpressionsCollection class for FCMidiExpression class objects
 CFCMiscDocPrefsClass that contains document preferences that doesn't fit in any other class
 CFCMultiMeasureRestClass for a multi-measure rest instance
 CFCMultiMeasureRestPrefsClass for Multimeasure rests document preferences (in the Document Options dialog box)
 CFCMultiMeasureRestsCollection class for FCMultiMeasureRest class objects
 CFCMultiStaffInstrumentClass for a multi-staff instrument defined in the Score Manager
 CFCMultiStaffInstrumentsCollection class for FCMultiStaffInstrument class objects
 CFCMusicCharacterPrefsContains the document options for music character preferences
 CFCMusicRegionClass that encapsulates EREGION and provides additional functionality to region handling
 CFCMusicSpacingPrefsOptions that affects Music (Note) Spacing in the document
 CFCNoteEncapsulates one note in a note entry (from the FCNoteEntry class)
 CFCNoteEntriesCollection class for FCNoteEntry class objects. This class is intended for the collection of random entries
 CFCNoteEntryEncapsulates a note entry from an owner class (for example FCNoteEntryCell, FCNoteEntryLayer) class
 CFCNoteEntryCellClass that encapsulate a cell of note entries
 CFCNoteEntryLayerClass to load a layer on the same staff. This class is for example suitable when working with music lines that moves over barlines. Please note that this class uses 0-based layer numbers
 CFCNoteEntryLayersCollection class to load all layers for a staff, to be used when the entries in the layers need to interact
 CFCNoteheadModClass for notehead modifications (as in Finale's Special Tools)
 CFCNoteheadModsCollection class for FCNoteheadMod class objects. The collection would typically collect all notehead modification records for a single note entry
 CFCNotePitchEncapsulates a note as a locally stored data, instead of a reference in a TGF
 CFCNotePitchesClass that contains information about the note, without being dependent on a note entry frame
 CFCNumberSimple class to put numbers into collections
 CFCNumberCollectionCollection class for FCNumber instances
 CFCNumbersSimple collection class for FCNumber class objects
 CFCOtherInciUtility class to provide a mechanism for loading blob data blocks consisting of more than 1 inci. This is used in combination with the FCOtherIncis collection class. This class should normally not be inherited. Set the custom tag in FCOtherIncis
 CFCOtherIncisCollection specialized on handling all incis (the traditional 12-byte type) from a cmper. Useful internally, if the storage is a memory block rather than data records
 CFCPageThe class representing a physical page in Finale
 CFCPageFormatPrefsClass for the "Page Format for Score/Parts" preference data
 CFCPageGraphicClass for page-assigned graphics. Currently, this class can only be used to edit existing page graphics objects
 CFCPageGraphicsCollection class for FCPageGraphic class objects
 CFCPagesCollection class for FCPage class objects
 CFCPageTextClass for a page-connected text block
 CFCPageTextsCollection class for FCPageText class objects
 CFCPartClass that represent one part in a document. The class also provides methods to switch between parts
 CFCPartExtractPrefsPreferences that controls the part extraction options in the document
 CFCPartsCollection class for FCPart objects
 CFCPartScopePrefsContains data that are specific to one part scope. Each part have their own records, and the part scope needs to be switched prior to a load/save
 CFCPDFPageA representation of a page in a created PDF file
 CFCPDFWriterClass to create a PDF and write it to disk. This is also a collection of FCPDFPage objects
 CFCPercussionLayoutNoteThe class for a note definition in a percussion layout
 CFCPercussionLayoutNotesCollection class for FCPercussionLayoutNote class objects (=a percussion layout)
 CFCPercussionLayoutNotesLookupA lookup table for FCPercussionLayoutNotes collections
 CFCPercussionLayoutNotesTextText used for the name of a percussion layout. Please refer to the FCPercussionLayoutNotes class
 CFCPercussionMapNoteClass for an individual note in a percussion map, read from Finale's XML file
 CFCPercussionMapNotesCollection class for FCPercussionMapNote class objects, used by the FCInstrumentDef class
 CFCPercussionMapNotesLookupA lookup table for FCPercussionMapNotes notes
 CFCPercussionNoteModClass for percussion note modification
 CFCPercussionNoteModsCollection class for FCPercussionNoteMod class objects
 CFCPercussionNoteTypeClass that contains one of Finale's global percussion note type definition
 CFCPercussionNoteTypesA collection of FCPercussionNoteType objects, created by loading and parsing Finale's PercNoteTypes.txt file. The collection is loaded by the LoadAll() method
 CFCPercussionStaffClass that stores the information for drum mapping, either for a staff or staff style
 CFCPerformanceModClass for performance/playback modifications attached to note entires (as in Finale's MIDI Tool). If Human Playback is enabled, this data record is ignored
 CFCPerformanceModsCollection class for FCPerformanceMod class objects (which contains the playback modification data for a single note). The collection would contain all performance modification records for a single note entry
 CFCPianoBracePrefsPreferences that controls the visual appearance of the piano braces in the document
 CFCPlaybackPrefsClass for the document's playback preferences values
 CFCPointSimple class for the representation of x, y coordinates
 CFCPrimaryBeamModsCollection class for FCBeamMod class objects that belong specifically to primary beams. (There can only be one primary beam per entry.)
 CFCPrintSettingsClass containing printing settings (and the ability to print documents)
 CFCRawTextThe class for raw text objects. All other text classes are based on this class, but it can also be used by its own for tx_TextBlock text
 CFCRepeatPrefsClass for repeat-related document preferences
 CFCResourceWindowClass for modeless and modal dialogs that are visually designed as a resource. This class is also a parent class to FCCustomWindow
 CFCSecondaryBeamBreakModClass for secondary beam breaks (in Finale's Special Tools)
 CFCSecondaryBeamBreakModsGeneric collection class for FCSecondaryBeamBreakMod class objects
 CFCSecondaryBeamModsCollection class for FCBeamMod class objects that belong specifically to secondary beams. (There can only be one primary beam, and that is not part of this collection.)
 CFCSectionLyricsTextThe class for section lyrics texts
 CFCSectionSyllableThe class for a section syllable
 CFCSectionSyllablesCollection class for FCSectionSyllable class objects
 CFCSeparateMeasureNumberClass for a manually added or edited measure number in a cell
 CFCSeparateMeasureNumbersCollection class for FCSeparateMeasureNumber class objects, that contains the separate added or adjusted measure numbers
 CFCSeparatePlacementClass that handles separate placement for repeats
 CFCSeparatePlacementsCollection class for FCSeparatePlacement records, that handles separate placements in repeats
 CFCSettingsPairClass for storing a "key"+"value" pair of values
 CFCSettingsPairsCollection class for FCSettingsPair objects
 CFCShapeDefClass for a shape definition (as in Finale's Shape selection dialog)
 CFCShapeDefInstructionHelper class for FCShapeDef
 CFCShapeDefInstructionsHelper class for FCShapeDef
 CFCShapeDefsCollection class for FCShapeDef class objects, which defines the shape definitions in the document
 CFCShapeExpressionDefClass for a shape expression definition
 CFCShapeExpressionDefsCollection class for FCShapeExpressionDef class objects
 CFCSizePrefsContains the document options for size and widths
 CFCSlurContourPrefsClass for the Slur Contour preferences
 CFCSmartShapeA record that represents a smart shape in the score. It's connected to a score through FCSmartShapeMeasureMark objects in each measure where the smart shape occurs
 CFCSmartShapeCtrlPointAdjustHelper class for FCSmartShape. This class is only constructed indirectly by the FCSmartShape.GetCtrlPointAdjust method
 CFCSmartShapeEntryMarkClass for smartshape assignments/connections to an entry
 CFCSmartShapeEntryMarksCollection class for FCSmartShapeEntryMark class objects
 CFCSmartShapeMeasureMarkClass for smartshape assignments to a measure
 CFCSmartShapeMeasureMarksCollection class for FCSmartShapeMeasureMark class objects
 CFCSmartShapePrefsClass for the Smart Shape preferences
 CFCSmartShapesCollection class for FCSmartShape class objects
 CFCSmartShapeSegmentHelper class for FCSmartShape, controlling the end points of a smart shape. This class is only constructed indirectly by the FCSmartShape.GetTerminateSegmentLeft and FCSmartShape.GetTerminateSegmentRight() methods
 CFCStaffThe class for a staff in the score. It is also a base class for staff styles
 CFCStaffListAn object that contains one staff list section (out of 4). Before data is loaded/saved, the SetMode() method must be called
 CFCStaffListCategoryTextStaff list titles for staff lists in categories
 CFCStaffListLookupA specialized collection class that has the purpose to handle the different score lists that a document contains in an automatic way
 CFCStaffListsCollection class for FCStaffList class objects. The SetMode() method should be used before any loading to the collection
 CFCStaffListStaffAssignTextStaff list titles for staff-assigned staff lists
 CFCStaffListTextStaff list titles for staff lists in repeats
 CFCStaffNamePositionClass for staff (or staff style) name positioning data
 CFCStaffNamePositionPrefsDefault positioning for full and abbreviated staff names
 CFCStaffStyleAssignClass for staff style assignments to a staff
 CFCStaffStyleAssignsCollection class for FCStaffStyleAssign class objects
 CFCStaffStyleDefClass for a staff style definition
 CFCStaffStyleDefsCollection class for FCStaffStyleDef class objects
 CFCStaffSystemThe class for a staff system on a page
 CFCStaffSystemsCollection class for FCStaffSystem class objects. A collection typically contains all staff systems for the score or a part
 CFCStaffSystemsLookupA lookup class designed for collecting full staff layouts for different parts in the same document in a resource-friendly way. It makes sure that each layout is only loaded once for a score/part
 CFCStartTieModsCollection class for FCTieMod class objects for start tie alterations
 CFCStavesCollection class for FCStaff class objects
 CFCStemConnectionTableA very special-purpose preferences class that contains the full stem connection table from Finale's document options
 CFCStemModClass for manual stem adjustments (in Finale's Special Tools)
 CFCStemModsGeneric collection class for FCStemMod class objects
 CFCStringClass that provides storage for text. This is to achieve platform-transparent text handling, that can handle text storage regardless of how it's done on the platform (Mac/Window/C-style/Unicode/etc)
 CFCStringsCollection class for FCString class objects
 CFCSyllableBaseBase class for attaching an syllable to an entry
 CFCSyllableEntryModClass for controlling justification/alignment for all syllables that are connected to an entry
 CFCSystemGlyphInfoAn object to handle glyph information returned by the system
 CFCSystemStaffClass that stores one "inci" of a staff list (for a system or for the global list of staves)
 CFCSystemStavesCollection class for FCSystemStaff class objects, which contains the list of staves available within a system
 CFCTablatureNoteModClass with info about one tablature note
 CFCTablatureNoteModsCollection class for FCPercussionNoteMod class objects
 CFCTempoElementThe class for a single tempo change in the Tempo Tool. The tempo elements should be stored in measure position order for each measure
 CFCTempoElementsCollection class for FCTempoElements class objects for one measure. The tempo elements should be stored in measure position order for each measure
 CFCTextBlockClass for a text block
 CFCTextBlocksCollection class for FCTextBlock class objects
 CFCTextExpressionDefClass for a text expression definition
 CFCTextExpressionDefsCollection class for FCTextExpressionDef class objects
 CFCTextFileStreamClass for text (byte) streams
 CFCTextFileUTF8StreamClass for UTF-8text streams
 CFCTextMetricsA class that fetches the metrics for text (for how Finale will render it), such as the boundary boxes and the advance width
 CFCTextRepeatClass for text repeat assignments to a measure. The assignment is connected with a FCTextRepeatDef definition
 CFCTextRepeatDefThe class for a text repeat definition
 CFCTextRepeatDefsCollection class for FCTextRepeatDef class objects
 CFCTextRepeatsCollection class for FCTextRepeat class objects
 CFCTextRepeatTextText used for text repeats
 CFCThreadClass for multithreading
 CFCTieContourPrefsThe 4 (short, medium, long, tie ends) tie contour definitions
 CFCTieModClass with adjustments to the ties (in Finale's Special Tools)
 CFCTiePlacementPrefsClass for the 6 document sets of options that control default tie placement
 CFCTiePrefsThe preferences for ties (includes options both from tie options and tie contour options)
 CFCTimeSignatureClass for time signatures
 CFCTreeNodeClass representing a single node item in a FCCtrlTree control
 CFCTupletClass for attaching an tuplet to an entry
 CFCTupletPrefsThe preferences for the default tuplet definition
 CFCTupletsCollection class for FCTuplet class objects
 CFCUIStandard class for basic user interface functionality
 CFCUndoBlockClass that handles Undo records for modeless plug-in interfaces
 CFCVerseLyricsTextThe class for verse lyrics texts
 CFCVerseSyllableThe class for a verse syllable
 CFCVerseSyllablesCollection class for FCVerseSyllable class objects