Finale PDK Framework  0.54
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 C__FCBaseBase class for the Finale Framework classes
 C__FCBaseDataBase class for all data-related classes (that handles Finale data)
 C__FCCellDetailBase class for data that attach to cells. A call to the ConnectCell method is required prior to loading/saving data
 C__FCDetailBase class for all classes that access Finale's detail records
 C__FCEntryDetailBase class that provides the basic functionality for entry detail data (such as Special Tools modifications)
 C__FCGlobalsBase class for all data that use the global part of the EDataID
 C__FCInciAn inci subrecord class for multi-inci data
 C__FCOtherBase class for all "Other" (ot_*) Enigma structures
 C__FCPrefsBaseBase class for all preference data classes
 CFCKeySignatureClass for key signatures. Instances of this class is auto-created by FCMeasure:GetKeySignature and FCCell:GetKeySignature when needed
 CFCRawTextThe class for raw text objects. All other text classes are based on this class, but it can also be used by its own for tx_TextBlock text
 CFCTimeSignatureClass for time signatures
 C__FCBaseStreamAbstract base class for streams
 CFCFileStreamGeneric file stream class
 C__FCFileDialogBaseBase class that contains the basic functionality for the operating system's modal dialog boxes for selecting files
 CFCFileOpenDialogClass to display the operating system's "Open File" modal dialog box
 CFCFileSaveAsDialogClass to display the operating system's "Save File As" modal dialog box
 C__FCIteratorBaseThe base class for both browser and collection classes
 C__FCBrowserBaseBase class for all browser classes. A browser is a bit like collection, but it doesn't store any data - it just browses throgh the database
 C__FCCollectionBase class for all collection classes. A collection is a storage that can store multiple objects of similar types
 C__FCUndoBlockHandlerThe base class for the block handler. Intented for inheritance for use with the FCUndoBlock utility class
 CFCCellThe class that reference a cell (one measure on one staff) in the musical "grid"
 CFCCellMetricsClass that encapsulate the measure metrics info data
 CFCCellPosThis class is similar to FCCell, but also includes a position within the measure. It represents a "music position"
 CFCCtrlCheckboxControl class for a checkbox control
 CFCCtrlDataListClass that handles a contol with multiple lines of data, arranged in columns
 CFCCtrlEditClass that handles edit controls
 CFCCtrlLineUI class representing a graphical line
 CFCCtrlListBoxA list box control
 CFCCtrlPopupUI class that handles a popup (on the Mac) and a combo list (on Windows)
 CFCCtrlRadioButtonA UI class that handles one single radio button
 CFCCtrlRadioButtonGroupClass for radio button groups
 CFCCtrlSliderControl class for sliders
 CFCCtrlStaticUI class that handles a control with static text
 CFCCtrlSwitcherA control to switch between multiple pages
 CFCCtrlTreeA tree UI control
 CFCCtrlUpDownA UI class that handles an Up/Down control. The control has 2 arrows, one pointing up and one down
 CFCDocumentClass for an opened Finale document. An opened Finale document has a 1-based ID and can be displayed in multiple document windows
 CFCEntryMetricsClass that encapsulate the entry metrics data
 CFCFolderBrowseDialogClass to display the operating system's modal folder browser dialog box
 CFCFontDialogClass to display the font selection dialog box to the user
 CFCFontInfoClass for document-independent font information
 CFCGuideThe class for a guide in the document
 CFCIteratorHandlerClass for iterator handlers
 CFCLayerPlaybackDataHelper class for FCInstrumentPlaybackData, providing the playback data for the Chord Layer, the MIDI Expression Layer, and the note layers
 CFCLuaIteratorClass for Lua callback iterators. This class is not part of the C++ PDK Framework
 CFCMusicRegionClass that encapsulates EREGION and provides additional functionality to region handling
 CFCNoteEncapsulates one note in a note entry (from the FCNoteEntry class)
 CFCNotePitchEncapsulates a note as a locally stored data, instead of a reference in a TGF
 CFCNumberSimple class to put numbers into collections
 CFCPDFPageA representation of a page in a created PDF file
 CFCPercussionMapNoteClass for an individual note in a percussion map, read from Finale's XML file
 CFCPercussionNoteTypeClass that contains one of Finale's global percussion note type definition
 CFCPointSimple class for the representation of x, y coordinates
 CFCPrintSettingsClass containing printing settings (and the ability to print documents)
 CFCSettingsPairClass for storing a "key"+"value" pair of values
 CFCShapeDefInstructionHelper class for FCShapeDef
 CFCSmartShapeCtrlPointAdjustHelper class for FCSmartShape. This class is only constructed indirectly by the FCSmartShape.GetCtrlPointAdjust method
 CFCSmartShapeSegmentHelper class for FCSmartShape, controlling the end points of a smart shape. This class is only constructed indirectly by the FCSmartShape.GetTerminateSegmentLeft and FCSmartShape.GetTerminateSegmentRight() methods
 CFCStaffSystemsLookupA lookup class designed for collecting full staff layouts for different parts in the same document in a resource-friendly way. It makes sure that each layout is only loaded once for a score/part
 CFCStringClass that provides storage for text. This is to achieve platform-transparent text handling, that can handle text storage regardless of how it's done on the platform (Mac/Window/C-style/Unicode/etc)
 CFCSystemGlyphInfoAn object to handle glyph information returned by the system
 CFCTextMetricsA class that fetches the metrics for text (for how Finale will render it), such as the boundary boxes and the advance width
 CFCThreadClass for multithreading
 CFCUIStandard class for basic user interface functionality
 CFCUndoBlockClass that handles Undo records for modeless plug-in interfaces