Finale PDK Framework  0.54
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Welcome to the Finale PDK Framework.

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The Finale PDK Framework is a C++ class framework around the Finale PDK and its APIs. The framework provides a very efficient way to develop Finale plug-ins. It cuts out lots of unnecessary coding and lets you focus on the important stuff. It also provides many tools to make you a more efficient plug-in developer.

The framework sources are open source and you can freely use it in your own projects. However, it doesn't come with any warranties to work, so you use at your own risk. You don't need to supply the source code of your plug-ins if you don't want to, it's up to you.

If you want to modify, enhance or expand the framework, feel free to do that. Please share your changes with the rest of the Finale plug-in developer community. Learn more about that in the Wiki.

There is a Wiki where you can find installation instructions and usage tips. You can edit the Wiki yourself to add more development information and tips.

What you need to use the framework is:

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Jari Williamsson