The Finale PDK Framework is a purely object-oriented layer around the Finale PDK to simplify plug-in programming for the Finale music notation product. Although the framework uses the Finale PDK to provide its function, very little knowledge about the Finale PDK should be required. One aim of the framework is to be fully documented all by itself.

The framework is also designed to provide possible hooks to object-oriented script languages like Ruby or Python.

The aims of the framework are:

  • to provide a very fast method to create Finale plug-ins

  • to provide logic and take care of complexities for the plug-in programmer

  • to provide excellent documentation to the programmer

  • to have a stable and easy maintainable code base

  • to be independent of the underlying Finale PDK version

  • to be able to create plug-ins that runs independently of the running Finale version


This is the basic requirements for develop plug-ins with the Finale PDK Framework:

  • [C++] programming knowledge

  • A C++ development environment for Windows or Mac

  • A version of the Finale PDK Framework

  • A compatible version (PDK2010 or PDK2012) of the Finale PDK (from MakeMusic)

  • A version of Finale, to be able to test the plug-ins


A Finale plug-in is a small program file that is loaded into Finale when Finale starts. A plug-in can expand Finale's functionality to the user.