Finale PDK Framework  0.54
Todo List
Member __FCBase::DebugMsgDigit (const char *pszPrefixText, int i)
Put class information in the title.
Member FCArticulation::ResetPos (FCArticulationDef *pDef)
Support the "Center horizontally" option in FCArticulation::ResetPos
Class FCCtrlComboBox
Known issue on Windows: if an item is selected with the menu, HandleCommand() doesn't get the edit notification.
Member FCKeySignature::CalcFlats ()
Support custom key sigs!
Member FCKeySignature::LoadFirst ()
Support FCKeySignature:FindFirst for custom key sigs???
Member FCMeasureNumberRegion::CloneFormattingFrom (FCMeasureNumberRegion *pRegionFrom, bool score, bool parts)
Implement pre-2010 FCMeasureNumberRegion::CloneFormattingFrom()
Member FCNote::SetCrossStaff (bool state)
Improve docs on how to make cross staff.
Member FCRawText::CreateObject ()
Implement copy support!
Member FCTimeSignature::LoadFirst ()
Support FCTimeSignature:FindFirst for custom time sigs???